Locate where the user is in realtime .
Monitor the activities in realtime
Get previous location & activity reports
SipCo Tracker can track location of your employees or kids and monitor their activity on mobiles . SipCo Tracker is the right solution for organisations who wants to track their employees's location in realtime and for parents who wants to keep an eye on their kid's smartphone activities
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Some of The Features are
   SipCo Tracker assist the administrator to track users in real-time and can even pull previous location reports by choosing date and time.
   Admin can see Call Log, SMS log, Mobile switch off and switch on time of all the devices on WEBPORTAL. This would enable the administrator to know the actual status of the user.
   SipCo Tracker facilitates the user to see battery information in percentage of all mobile phones in real time as well as past reports. It also supports to see reports about the new applications installed on devices (mobiles or tabs) along with the time user tried to close the application forcefully. This will avoid tampering of mobile.
   It is convenient to keep a check on some users who might switch off phone so as not to be tracked or they will try to close the application or install a new application which will interfere with tracking application.
   Admin can choose to receive location information through SMS when user mobiles are not connected to internet . Also SipCo Tracker system publishes the user location information on the WebPortal once internet is available .
   It can be highly used in organizations where tracking employees or vehicles or its users is required. Generally some marketing companies may need it for tracking marketing executives or service engineers. This would help the organization to get more productivity and effective outcome from the employees due to constant appropriate monitoring.
   It can be used to track kids by installing application on kids tablet or a smart watch and increase the security level for them.
   SipCo Tracker can pull Call Logs and SMS logs etc information from mobile devices.
   SipCo Tracker Application can be hidden from user to avoid tampering
Admin Interface screen
shots of the Sipco Tracker .
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Start monitoring Devices in just 2 SIMPLE STEPS
1. Install android application from Provided APK
2. signup on this website ,login to portal and add the devices